Shoe Buying Quiz Puzzle

Our local shoe shop, like many other retail outlets, only accepts cards as payment; there is no cash on the premises at all. However, this can cause problems, as happened the other day.

A customer selected a pair of shoes that she liked, which were on sale for £40. The customer said that she did not have any cards and the shopkeeper took pity on her and let her pay cash. Despite not possessing any cards, the lady did have a £50, which was her only means of payment.

As he had no change, the proprietor nipped next door to The Jolly Quizmaster to break the £50 note, and returned with five £10 notes. He gave the customer her shoes, and a £10 note and everything seemed fine.

Later that evening the owner of the shoe shop popped into the pub for a pint, to be met by the landlord holding a £50 note - it was a forgery. Naturally the shopkeeper reimbursed the landlord his £50, and drank his beer forlornly.

So what, exactly, had the shop shop owner lost?

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