Six Coins Quiz Puzzle

This week the puzzle is based on logic, rather than maths or words. Once again it looks easy, but it is harder than it first appears.

Arrange six pennies (or any other coins of the same size) into a triangle; three coins on the bottom row, two in the middle row, and one on the top. By moving the coins one at a time, make a straight line of six coins. Easy!

However, there is one extra stipulation – at the end of each move the coin that you have just moved must be touching two other coins. Not quite so easy!

We have a solution, but don’t know if it is the optimum solution. What is the fewest moves that achieve the straight line?

As usual you can post the answers as a comment on this website, reply to the post on Facebook, or retweet or reply on Twitter @quizmastershop.

Answer at 9.00 on Monday


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