Space Freight Quiz Puzzle Answer

After a great deal of juggling weights and packaging, the Space Agency had managed to get the provisions requested by the Orbiter crew down to 570 pounds. This was the total weight that could be carried by Tom, Dick and Harry, the three available rockets. But there was a problem.

Tom could carry 180 pounds, Dick could carry 190 pounds and Harry could carry 200 pounds. The items and their weights are listed below:

Water - 28 pounds

Food - 35 pounds

Fuel - 42 pounds

Camera - 44 pounds

Laptops - 84 pounds

Technical Journals - 77 pounds

Screen - 63 pounds

Batteries - 61 pounds

Telescope - 48 pounds

Beer - 88 pounds

How could the transport manager organise the ten items onto the three rockets?

Tom carries Fuel (42), Batteries (61) and Technical Journals (77), a total of 180 pounds.

Dick carries Food (35), Camera (44), Telescope (48) and Screen (63), a total of 190 pounds.

Harry carries Water (28), Laptops (84) and Beer (88), a total of 200 pounds.


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