Street Plan Quiz Puzzle Answer

There is a street near Quiz Master Shop Towers with only six houses in it, three on one side facing three on the other side.

Mr Evans has one of the end houses.

The sailor lives next door to the baker.

Mr Ferdinand does not live opposite the baker.

The soldier has the butcher and Mr Davies as his next-door neighbours.

The grocer lives directly opposite Mr Bryant.

The tailor and Mr Charles are both neighbours of Mr Andrews.

Can you work out the occupations of the six named men?

Mr Andrews is the sailor, Mr Bryant is the tailor, Mr Charles is the baker, Mr Davies is the grocer, Mr Evans is the butcher and Mr Ferdinand is the soldier.

Going from one end of the street the houses on one side must be occupied by Mr Bryant, Mr Andrews and Mr Charles in that order, with the houses on the other side occupied by Mr Davies, Mr Ferdinand and Mr Evans.


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