Sunflower & I

All of the team at Quiz Master Shop have run quizzes in various venues for several years, in fact in at least four different countries. However, one place that is special to us is the setting for our first quiz nights after Quiz Master Shop was launched.

Sunflower & I won awards for being the best decorated bar in Cardiff, and it was a spectacular backdrop for our quizzes.

The quiz nights quickly gained a loyal following, with one person travelling from Aberdare (over 60 miles round trip) to join his team. Another likened the quizzes to cryptic crosswords, compared with other quizzes in the area.

And then COVID-19!

Sunflower & I had to shut its doors, and with no outdoor space it found it impossible to reopen, even as restrictions eased slightly. Finally Seb and Lukasz realised that they were not going to be able to reopen, and they have moved to Spain.

Sunflower & I is no more.

We're hoping that another hostelry will be able to accommodate the "Best Quiz in Cardiff Bay", but nowhere will replace Sunflower & I.


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