Supermarket Shop for your Quiz

We all got used to buying groceries online during lockdown, or using Click-and-Collect. And when you did, you chose the items that you wanted; a chicken, a pack of sausages, 250g tomatoes, one pint of milk, etc. And when it was delivered you got what you ordered, give or take the odd substitute that you could send back if you wish.

Now imagine that when you went on the supermarket website you clicked the only button available – Weekly Shop. And when the delivery arrived you got a selection of items that the supermarket had chosen to send you, with no option to return any.

Completely ridiculous! Yet that is exactly what every quiz website does.

OK, some of them have a few more buttons – the equivalents of Weekly Shop and Budget Weekly Shop perhaps, or Vegetable Shop, Fruit Shop, Fish Shop and Meat Shop. A little more choice, without the ability to tailor them to your likes and dislikes.

Some quiz sites do have a choice of only one weekly quiz, and that’s it. No choice of the number of rounds, the degree of difficulty or even the subjects of the rounds.

We have decided to do things differently. When you buy from us you can:

  • Choose the exact number of rounds that you want, to fit the time you have available for your quiz.
  • Have the subjects of your choice for each of the rounds that you buy. If you run a sports bar, have a round on sport every week. If your school or club colour is blue, have a round on the colour blue. Whatever you choose – just like a supermarket.
  • For each of the rounds choose the degree of difficulty that you want. If you run a film club you might want a difficult film round, but easier questions on the other subjects.

In addition, all our customers benefit from the following, at no extra cost:

  • Free answer sheets,
  • Free colour posters to advertise your quiz,
  • Free scoring application to help your quiz run smoothly,
  • Free tips on running a successful quiz.

So what are you waiting for? Register today and Get What You Want, Not What You're Given


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