The Cryptic Garden Quiz Puzzle

Today's puzzle is kindly provided by John Henderson, who supplies quizzes to The Elephant InnThe Old DairyThe White Hart and The Alma, as well as crosswords to several national newspapers. Crossword Links can be found at JETdoc.

A Nature Link

Initials of the ten correct answers in order, followed by the ten designated letters in order, supply the theme.

1 (4) Weather warning waved by Corbyn? (3,4)

2 (3) Evergreen German wine (9)

3 (3) Avalanche? (8)

4 (3) Mistake by Ermintrude or Buttercup? (7)

5 (2) Lead singer of the Little People? (7,5)

6 (6) Endless Oriental festival with eggs (6)

7 (5) Pure brutishness from this O’Grady creation (4,6)

LINK 6&7, though both stand alone

8 (2) Imitation Blarney Stone symbolic of Ireland (8)

9 (3) Gods…        (a) Love sore back (4);

(b) Hell – electronic picture puzzle (6)

10 (2) Q: Who’s the lonely lady sitting out the dance? (1,10)

As usual you can post your suggested answers as a comment on this website, reply to the post on Facebook, or retweet or reply on Twitter @quizmastershop.

Answer at 9.00 on Monday


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