The Gent and Us Quiz Puzzle

By John Henderson

LINKS: “THE GENT & US”                                      A 20th Century Link

1 No longer in clinical use, the analgesic and anaesthetic drug with the formula C12H25N.HCl is abused as a hallucinogen and referred to informally as “angel dust” – what is its three-letter abbreviation?

 2 Countdown Conundra: (a) NEON GRILL and (b) ALPINE SUN rearrange to which English 9-letter words? LINK (middle parts of) 1,2(a)&2(b)

 3 Constellations: if Auriga is The Charioteer, Canis Major is The Big Dog and Ursa Minor is The Little Bear, what is Aquila?

 4 (a) Released 50 years ago on July 11th, which signature song by a cult figure who died in 2016 was inspired by a Stanley Kubrick film of the previous year? (b) What are the song’s first two words?

 5 I am a member of a current British political party that adopted the bird of liberty as its logo in 1988 after a series of identity and name changes … so I am a what (two non-abbreviated words, keep it clean please)? LINK 5&6

 6 Which Arthurian knight who went in search of the Holy Grail is eponymously the title of a Romantic opera by Richard Wagner?

 7 (a) Which Greek deity was the god of the Sun? (b) Which Roman deity was the goddess of the Moon?

 8 What four-letter word can mean any of the following: a racing yacht of between 15 and 20 metres in length; an Austin car model produced between 1969 and 1981; a skirt, coat or dress that reaches down to the ankle? LINK 7(a)&8

 9 With the “real” first name Archibald, which iconic Emmerdale character was played by Stan Richards from 1978 until 2004?

 10 How is the denary number “3” written in binary form? LINK 7(a)&10

Two thematic phrases are spelt out by (a) the initial letters; (b) the last letters of the ten answers, reading upwards.

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Answer at 10.00 on Monday


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