The Pop Up Quiz Master

We recently posted a puzzle based on one of our question setter's holiday in Spain and the price of beer. Well, another interesting thing happened to him on this trip.

We all at Quiz Master Shop love a quiz, and hearing of a quiz night at a local bar he and his good lady headed out for some quizzing. They arrived at 8.00, with the quiz due to start at 8.15, only to be told that the quiz master was not coming.

There was a bar full of people many of whom were looking forward to a quiz, as was he. However, he's a resourceful chap, so he took out his tablet, and connected to their WiFi. By 8.30 he had put together a short quiz, and delivered it with his usual panache.

A round of Acronyms to start things off, followed by Food & Drink - well they were in a bar. Then a round where the first letters of the answers spelt Quiz Night, and a connections round - that is what connects the answers to the questions.

The bar owners were delighted that the quiz night was saved, the quizzers were saved from disappointment, and everyone has a holiday story to tell.

In fact many people thought that the quiz was so good that it was all a wind up. Several thought that the quiz had been prepared beforehand and that the "I've just put this quiz together" was a story. They took some convincing that he really had put it all together in half an hour.

Footnote: the following week the quiz master did show up.


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