The Quiz Company That Doesn't Write Quizzes

At first sight this seems a ridiculous idea - of course a company that sells quizzes must write quizzes.

However, if you look a little closer at many of the companies on the internet that are selling quizzes, they actually sell quiz rounds. So this isn't such an outlandish claim. Many companies do sell their weekly or daily (or some other time interval) quiz, which comes as a complete entity, while others allow you to buy individual rounds on different topics.

Some companies write quizzes and some companies write quiz rounds.

Quiz Master Shop writes neither quizzes nor quiz rounds, and this is the thing that sets us apart.

Quiz Master Shop writes questions.

All of our questions are in a database (over 14,000 and still rising) and our clever software does the rest. But why does that matter to you?

Well, if you're a brewery or pub chain that wants quizzes for your pubs, instead of getting your supplier's periodic offering, each of your pubs can download the quiz they want. And this can, and most likely will, be different from all your other pubs.

And if you're a pub, club, PTA or whatever, you can choose the number of rounds that you want, the subject for each of those rounds, and the difficulty for each of those subjects.

In both cases our software does the rest, and you get the quizzes that you want.

Get What You Want, Not What You're Given


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