Trick Question Quiz Puzzle Answer

Here are a few trick questions - think carefully!

  1. The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest space station ever built. Apart from the ISS what is the largest object orbiting the Earth?
  2. Manchester United was the first team to win the Premier League. Which team was the last to win the First Division?
  3. A plane crashed in the Korean Demilitarized Zone. In which country were the survivors buried?
  4. Which is correct - seven and six are twelve or seven and six is twelve?
  5. What colour are the eggs laid by peacocks?
  6. How many of each animal did Moses take onto the Ark?

For the first question you are being led into finding the second biggest object orbiting the Earth, but that is not what the question asks. The answer is the Moon.

In the second question it is easy to try to remember who won the old First Division the season before the Premier League. However, Portsmouth have just won the First Division.

You need not worry about problems between the two Koreas - survivors do not need to be buried.

Neither - seven plus six is thirteen.

Peacocks do not lay eggs.

Noah took animals onto the Ark not Moses.


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