University Friend Quiz Puzzle Answer

Since the Jolly Quizmaster reopened after lockdown we have been spending a lot of time in there catching up with old friends. The other night over a sociable pint or two I spoke to a man who told the following story:

'I met an old friend of mine yesterday that I had not seen since University several years ago. We had not had any communication in time since we both graduated, and we have no friends or acquaintances in common.

'I was delighted to see my friend and said "I expect that many things have happened in your life since we last spoke". "Why, yes" came the reply, "I am married now, and this is my daughter", indicating a very pretty young girl.

'I asked the girl her name and found that she was called Mary. "Good gracious, the same as your mother!" I said.'

I was intrigued by this story and especially his apparent psychic ability to know the girl's mother's name.

How did he know?

Very simply the man's old University friend was the girl's mother.


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