Valentines Picture Quiz Puzzle Answer

This Valentines' Day Puzzle was a picture round in last Thursday's quiz at Sunflower&I.

There are nine pictures, each of which represents a person, real or fictional. These nine people can be placed into four pairs of lovers, leaving one odd one out.

You have two find the four pairs of lovers and thus the odd one out. A correct solution will have the four pairs correctly coupled and the odd one out.

NB at the quiz night, because they had less time, only the odd one out had the be specified. As you have more time we think you can provide a full solution.

The pictures can be found here.

From top left to bottom right the people are: (Alfa) Romeo, Cleopatra, Juliet (Phonetic Alphabet), John Smith(s), Paris, Napoleon, Helena (Bonham Carter), Antony (Gormley) and Pocahontas.

The pairs of lovers are:

Romeo & Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, John Smith & Pocahontas, and Paris & Helena. Leaving Napoleon as the odd one out.


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