Wedding Date Quiz Puzzle

A happy couple were celebrating in the Jolly Quizmaster, as they had managed to fix a date for their wedding. As they explained to everyone who would listen, the bans were to be read on the next three consecutive Sundays, and they were then free to marry.

They were keen to be wed as soon as they could, and had asked the Vicar if he could officiate on the following Monday. He had declined because he did his hospital visits on a Monday, and so they asked about the next day, Tuesday. Again he was unable to accommodate them, as he was booked to officiate at a funeral. So they had finally agreed on the Wednesday.

Everyone in the pub wished them a long and happy life together, and several toasts were drunk to the two of them. A merry evening indeed.

Although one or two people did wonder about the truth of the tale that they told. Can you see why?

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