Weighing Machine Quiz Puzzle Answer

Five people were waiting for a train at a rural station, where the train service was not very frequent. At the station was an old fashioned weighing machine, and to pass the time they weighed themselves in pairs. They managed to make ten weighings, of ten different pairs, before their change ran out.

The ten weights for the ten different pairs were 16 stone 9 pounds, 16 stone 8 pounds, 16 stone 6 pounds, 16 stone 5 pounds, 16 stone 4 pounds, 16 stone 3 pounds, 16 stone 2 pounds, 16 stone 1 pounds, 16 stone 0 pounds and 15 stone 12 pounds.

How much did each of the five people weigh individually?

The five weights are 8 stone 6 pounds, 8 stone 3 pounds, 8 stone 2 pounds, 8 stone 0 pounds, 7 stone 12 pounds


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