Who ate the Cake Quiz Puzzle Answer

Over the recent festive period a cake went missing, and the mother of the household suspected one of the five children visiting the house. She gathered al five together and put it to them that one of them was the culprit. The replies came thick and fast:

"Dave didn't take it" said Beth very quickly,

"And I am sure that Eddie isn't the thief" came back Ann, who seemed to like Eddie,

"I think Dave did eat it" responded Eddie,

"No," shot back Chloe, "Beth is responsible, despite what she says",

"Anyway, Ann didn't eat it" said Dave, smiling at her, which annoyed Beth.

Clearly some, if not all, of the children are not being truthful.

Eventually, when the cake thief was discovered it turned out that only one child had lied, and the other four were telling the truth.

So who was guilty of petty larceny?

Well, Beth took the cake. She was being truthful when she said that Dave didn't take it. Eddie wasn't guilty of theft, but was the only one not being truthful.


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