Word Chain Quiz Puzzle Answers

Word Chain puzzles have been popular since the 19th Century; puzzles where you have to change one letter at a time to change one word into another word, with each step also being a valid word. But these Word Chains are different!

In these Word Chains it is the meaning of the words that changes at each step. For example Twenty-Score-Cut-Snub is a "meaningful word chain". Twenty is a Score, to Score (with a knife) is to Cut, and to Cut someone is to Snub them.

Here are ten to try. In each you have the first and last words, and the number of letters in each of the intermediate words.

1. Only-(4)-(4)-Blonde

2. Autumn-(4)-(4)-Journey

3. Mark-(7)-(5)-Entitlement

4. Teach-(5)-(8)-Bearing

5. Fungus-(5)-(4)-Class

6. Jump-(6)-(6)-Flavour

7. Reserve-(4)-(6)-Capacity

8. Dowry-(7)-(4)-Role

9. Decline-(6)-(6)-Offspring

10. Shilling-(3)-(7)-Gravel

And the answers are:

1. Only-Just-Fair-Blonde

2. Autumn-Fall-Trip-Journey

3. Mark-Correct-Right-Entitlement

4. Teach-Coach-Carriage-Bearing

5. Fungus-Mould-Form-Class

6. Jump-Spring-Season-Flavour

7. Reserve-Book-Volume-Capacity

8. Dowry-Portion-Part-Role

9. Decline-Refuse-Litter-Offspring

10. Shilling-Bob-Shingle-Gravel


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