Word Ladder Quiz Answers

Friday's puzzle was another guest puzzle, supplied by Frank Paul, Author of The Cryptic Pub Quiz  and Quiz Master at The Mill in Cambridge.

Each answer (apart from the first) is an anagram of the previous answer, but with one extra letter added somewhere within it (so, for instance, the answer "Amy Poehler" could be followed by the answer "Thermopylae").

1. Which Latin term, meaning “In the womb”, is also the name of Nirvana’s final studio album?


2. Which word can be preceded by Hawaiian, Strombolian or Plinian to represent three different levels of intensity?


3. Which Roman is credited with writing the Satyricon? His name is shared with that of a cat in a Robert Heinlein novel who is known as Pete for short.


4. What name may be given to the second note of any diatonic scale, so called because it is above the first note?


5. According to Thomas Paine, what “is not an original feature in any religion; but it is always the strongly marked feature of all law-religions, or religions established by law. Take away the law-establishment, and every religion reassumes its original benignity”?


6. Which three words, which form the name of an album by Sparks, can be preceded by the word “Homeboys” to make the name of a 1990s American sitcom about two men who have various adventures flying around the galaxy?


7. Which word may be defined as “relating to or containing a substance found in such foodstuffs as meat, eggs, milk and beans”?


8. The British serial killer Graham Young was known as the what, owing to his modus operandi of slipping such substances as thallium and antimony into hot drinks?



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