Word Ladder Quiz Puzzle Answer

There are ten clues to words below. The answer to each of the definitions from two onwards is an anagram of the previous answer with one letter added. So SPOT could be followed by POSIT; that is, SPOT + I rearranged.

1. Article central to war

2. Firstly, to all, thanks

3. Tap and tap back

4. Bandage broken pate

5. Control and Vee

6. Sleep overcomes father making meal

7. Set off after fish covers

8. One hundred leaving rehearsal, replaced by substitutes at first - rehearse?

9. Graphs sound like map of pastry desserts

10. Dishevelled sprite on bridge leading to top clergyman

These are:

1. A (an indefinite article in the middle of the word War)

2. TA (thanks, from the first letters of To All)

3. PAT (tap and the word Tap reversed)

4. TAPE (bandage and an anagram of Pate)

5. PASTE (Control-V is Paste on a computer)

6. REPAST (meal from Rest (sleep) over Pa (father))

7. CARPETS (covers from an anagram of Set after Carp (fish))

8. PRACTISE (rehearse from Practice (rehearsal) with C (100) replaced by the first letter of Substitutes)

9. PIECHARTS (graph)

10. ARCHPRIEST (top clergyman from an anagram of Sprite after Arch (bridge))


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