Another Barbershop Quiz Puzzle Answer

A while ago we gave you a puzzle about two barbers which you can find here if you missed it. This week we have another puzzle about a barber which, if you have not seen it before, might make you think for a while.

One of the Quiz Master Shop question writers went on holiday to a secluded seaside village, and returned with a very neatly trimmed beard. He had visited the barber who was extremely good, and in the manner of these things they had fallen into conversation.

Oddly, there were no bearded men in the village, and the barber shaved every man who didn't shave himself.

So, who shaves the barber.

At first this seems like a paradox; if the barber doesn't shave himself he must be shaved by the barber, and if the barber does shave himself he must be someone who isn't shaved by the barber.

Except if the barber is a woman


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