Barbershop Quiz Puzzle

This week we have a simple logic puzzle for you. Quite an old one, but well worth another look and a ponder.

A man has just moved to a small town with two barbers and he needs a haircut, so he has to choose which barbershop he will grace with his custom.

Now this is in the days before online reviews, so he can't search the internet and see which one has the most stars. So he has to do it the old way and see for himself. [We don't know why he doesn't ask a few well-groomed blokes down the pub which barber they use, but that would spoil the puzzle, so go with it :-)]

He goes to the first barber's premises and looks in through the window. What he sees is a barber with a very scruffy haircut - long bits, short bits, tufts, you name it.

He then moves on to the second barber and looks through the window at the proprietor. In contrast with his competitor he has an immaculate haircut - smooth, sleek, not a hair out of place.

The question is, which of the two barbers got his trade, and why?

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Answer at 9.00 on Monday


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