Bonfire Night Reverse Scrabble Quiz Puzzle

You have an imaginary Scrabble rack in front of you containing seven letters; however, you don’t know what the letters are just yet. All of the one-word answers to the questions below can be made from this set of seven letters, which will allow you to work out the contents of the rack.

  1. According to the Stereophonics in 1997, how many matches does it take to burn a thousand trees?
  2. What first name connects comedians with the surnames Brydon and Beckett?
  3. In the human body an Ossicle is a very small example of what?
  4. What is the smallest indigenous deer species in the UK?
  5. Originally a contraction of the relative brother, what word can now be used for any male friend?
  6. If something is described as Ferric, what chemical element does it contain?
  7. What word is used for water containing a high concentration, or even a saturation, of salt?
  8. What completes the partnership Batman and . . . ?
  9. What local word for a marsh gives its name to the low-lying marshy area in eastern England?
  10. What appropriate seven-letter word can be made from the rack of letters?

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Answer at 9.00 on Monday

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  • philip smith

    The letters are o,n,e,r,b,i,f
    The word is BONFIRE

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