Cricket Quiz Puzzle Answer

This puzzle does require a bit of thought, and does at first sight seem impossible, but it can be resolved with a bit of ingenuity.

A cricket team needs seven runs to win the game, with only three balls of the game remaining. Both batsmen are on 94.

The fielding side does not concede any extras or overthrows, and yet the batting side wins the match, and both batsmen reach their 100s and are not out.


This would be easy if there were another over after the current over, as one batsman hits a six, and then the other batsman is on strike in the next over and also hits six.

But with only three balls left how do both batsman get on strike without scoring the seven runs to win the game first. Here's how . . .

Off the first ball the batsman scores four runs, so he is now on 98 and three are needed to win.

Off the second ball the same batsman hits the ball into the outfield, and the batsmen run three, thinking that they have won the match. Unfortunately an alert umpire spots that they have run one short, and the scores are level. At least the first batsman can celebrate his 100.

Crucially for this puzzle the second batsman is now on strike, and off the final ball hits a six to win the match, and reach his 100 as well.


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