Day of the Week Quiz Puzzle Answer

During lockdown it has become very difficult to keep track of what day of the week it is. All of us at Quiz Master Shop have suffered from this, but not as badly as a group we overheard in the Jolly Quizmaster last night.

One of them was bemoaning the fact that she had no idea what day it was, and one of her companions called Alf said "It's Friday". Immediately he was contradicted by Ben who said "No, it's Saturday".

Somewhat confused the first person then asked "What day will it be tomorrow?" Quick as a flash Ben said "Monday" and Alf said "Tuesday". In truth those two never agree on anything.

This caused a bit of irritation, as you can imagine, and the next question was "surely you can agree what day it was yesterday". But no, Alf said "Wednesday" and Ben said "Thursday".

More confused than ever the questioner returned morosely to her glass of white wine.

The fourth member of the group had remained silent throughout this exchange, but at this point she decided to intervene. She said that oddly enough both Alf and Ben had given one correct answer and two incorrect answers.

So what day is it today?

Alf's three answers imply that the conversation took place on one of Friday, Monday or Thursday. Ben's three answers imply that the conversation took place on one of Saturday, Sunday or Friday.

As only one day is common between the two the conversation took place on Friday.

However, the piece states clearly that the conversation took place last night, and asks what day it is today.

Today is Saturday.


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