Frank Paul's Quiz Nights in The Mill, Cambridge - a Review

Ever since Frank Paul provided us with a guest puzzle back in February 2018, we have had an ambition to try one of his famous quiz nights in The Mill, Cambridge. And earlier this month we fulfilled this ambition!

[As an aside, links to the puzzles that Frank has supplied to Quiz Master Shop are at the end of the article.]

First of all, we have to say that the pub is worth a visit, even if there is no quiz when you go. It is in a beautiful spot, the small snugs and bars are really quaint, and the food and drink are excellent.

However, the quizzes are things of beauty, and it's well worth planning to go on a Monday night when one is on. Be aware that they run during the colder months of the year, so it's best to check in advance. We caught the last one before the summer break. Also, book a table as the place is rammed.

The quiz we attended worked on two levels, and we understand this is typical of the quizzes. As an example, one of the rounds had some questions, and the answers to these had to be used to solve a logic puzzle. This allowed scope to get some of the answers, then start on the puzzle, then infer some of the other answers, and so on.

We can't pretend that it wasn't difficult (it is billed as Cambridge's hardest quiz, after all) but the two levels allow most teams to get started on the quiz, but only the very, very best will finish it.

The quiz was extremely original and so well constructed. We would recommend every quizzer tries at least one of them.

Frank Paul's Puzzles on the Quiz Master Shop website:

Anagram Puzzle

18 Shades of Red

Word Ladder Puzzle

Sample Puzzle from Online Quiz


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