Hallowe'en Ghost Train Quiz Puzzle Answer

It was Hallowe'en and six girls, Anna, Bobbi Jo, Charli, Debs, Eva and Fiona, decided to mark the occasion with a ride on the Ghost Train at the local funfair. Being orderly girls they queued to get on the ride in alphabetic order, as people do in puzzles.

The ride had individual cars, seating just one person, so you could suffer the horrors of the Ghost Train all alone. Anna paid her money and jumped into the first available car as it was passing. Bobbi Jo took her time and seven empty cars passed before she got in the eighth after Anna. Eight cars passed before Charli got in the ninth after Bobbi Jo. Debs got the sixth car after Charli, Eva took the fourth car after Debs, and Fiona caught the eighth after Eva.

As the girls enjoyed the frights of the Ghost Train they were treated to a crash of thunder and a flash of lightning. As the ride lit up Fiona noticed that Anna was two cars ahead of her, with another girl sitting in the car between them.

Who was in the car behind Anna and in front of Fiona?

There are eleven cars on the Ghost Train, and with Anna at the front the cars are occupied as follows:

empty- empty- Bobbi Jo-empty-Charli-Eva-empty-empty-Fiona-Debs-Anna.

Debs is in the car between Anna and Fiona.


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