How Much Is The Cat Quiz Puzzle

A man walks into a pet shop to buy a cat and he sees several animals on sale.

Almost all of the animals have a price displayed, and he notices a Parrot available for a very reasonable £9.

Further on he sees some Stick Insects priced individually at a slightly expensive £27, but he is not interested in them; he wants a cat and only a cat.

Next to the Stick Insects there is a huge and hairy Tarantula at the even higher price of £36. He thinks this is more reasonable, but he is still happy he is not in the market for a spider of any kind.

Finally he finds the Cat section at the back of the store, but alone amongst all the animals there is no price displayed. Undeterred he chooses the one that he wants, and goes to the counter to pay for it.

How much money did he he pay for his new cat?

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Answer at 9.00 on Monday


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