Liars Quiz Puzzle

Five girls sat a test at University and, fed up with their parents' constant questioning about results, they devised a little scheme. Each girl emailed home two statements, one of which was true and the other false. This meant that the five sets of parents could, if they colluded with each other, work out the girls' positions in the test.

Which might prove to be harder than the test!

The girls' emails were:

Anne: I finished second and Debs was only fourth.

Beth: Anne was second but I was only third.

Cath: I came third and poor Emma was last.

Debs: I was fourth and Beth came top.

Emma: Luckily I came top and Cath was second.

Given the information received by the parents can you determine the actual finishing order of the five girls.

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Answer at 9.00 on Monday


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