Music School Quiz Puzzle Answer

At the Music School local to Quiz Master Shop Towers, weekly tuition costs £1,100 per year for primary school pupils (under 11) and £1,700 for secondary school pupils (11 and over). It has a good reputation and many parents are prepared to pay for the lessons.

There is a means-tested bursary available to pay the fees for gifted children whose parents are not able to afford them, which was set up by a local benefactor. The bursaries are limited to a small number of children, and the competition to receive one when one becomes free is very fierce.

Last year the cost of the bursaries was £20,000 and it has risen to £23,000 this year.

How many pupils are receiving bursaries?

Last year twelve pupils received bursaries of £1,100 (£13,200) and four pupils received bursaries of £1,700 (£6,800) making the £20,000.

This year seven pupils received bursaries of £1,100 (£7,700) and nine pupils received bursaries of £1,700 (£15,300) making the £23,000.

So in total 16 pupils receive bursaries each year.


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