Quiz Tip - Advertising Your Quiz

How do you advertise your quiz?

Posters are a good start, on the noticeboard or even outside to attract new customers. You can download a free poster template from our website to get you started.

You can try to print it A3 size to make it really stand out, or A2 for an A board outside.

It may seem obvious, but make sure the dates are always on your website for a few weeks in advance.

Social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) are good places to promote your events. If you include @quizmastershop in your Tweets about Quiz Nights, we’ll retweet them.

And lastly, tell people about it, you know, face to face over the bar. Clearly don’t pester people, but a friendly “You coming to the Quiz on Thursday? It’s a really good, fun evening” might alert some new entrants – it’s amazing how people don’t see the A3 full-colour poster that’s right by the door!


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