Quiz Tip - No Money

An increasingly common problem post lockdown is that people don’t carry any cash. We are all so used to using contactless payment (as advocated during the pandemic) that we don’t feel the need to use notes and coins.

This rarely causes a problem except in the odd cash-only establishment, and when someone wants to do your quiz. Collecting £1 per head with a card machine would be impractical, and often the money is going to charity, so can’t go through the till. Worse still, many bars don’t take cash at all, and so don’t have any to give out as cashback.

The solution that we all use is to let them do the quiz, and promise to come to the next one and pay double. Some do and some don’t, but many of those that do become regulars – and they remember how accommodating you were. And those that don’t come back – well, if you’d refused to let them do the quiz you would still have had no money from them!


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