Quiz Tip - Turning Up

We posted a blog about our Pop-up Quiz Master, who presented a quiz when the actual quiz master failed to turn up. This produced a great story, but also raises a very valid point.

If you have advertised a quiz night it needs to take place.

Now we realise that there are unforeseen circumstances; the quiz master could be taken ill or have a family emergency. When that happens the quizzers who are ready for their quiz will be very understanding – everyone knows that these things happen.

But out in Spain the quiz master had decided that he didn’t think there would be enough quizzers to make it worth his while doing the quiz. He didn’t come along and then decide, he decided without leaving his home.

One thing that is certain is that disappointed quizzers will be less and less inclined to come to a quiz if it keeps getting cancelled because the quiz master doesn’t think it’s worth it.


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