Quiz Tips - No Prizes

We wrote a Tip a while ago on the size of prizes, which you can read here. This Tip is about having a prize at all.

Now it might seem obvious that every quiz must have some prize at the end, especially if there is an entry fee. However, we have been to two quiz nights between us that had no prize for winning the quiz, for different reasons in each case. Oh, and in both cases the setters concerned won the quiz which is why they both remember the quizzes in question.

The first occasion there was no prize for the quiz itself, as the real reason for the quiz night was the jackpot afterwards. We’ve written a Tip on Jackpots and think they can be a good idea, but this was a bit odd. The quiz was something people did while having a meal and waiting for the jackpot round, although the scores were announced.

The second occasion was a monthly quiz where the winners were announced at the end of the year. Points were awarded for first, second and third each month, and the team with the most points at the end of the year won the prize. Now, we think there is some merit in this set up, and will be writing a Tip in the near future.

In both cases, the Jackpot and the League, we think that these can be good things. Both can inspire some loyalty, with teams keen to attend every quiz. But what about teams that are on holiday perhaps, who will only come to one quiz. Surely a small prize at each quiz should be in order.


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