Ryder Cup Quiz Puzzle Answer

The Ryder Cup was famously started by Samuel Ryder, who, after watching a golf match between Great Britain and the USA in 1926, decided to make it a regular competition and presented the trophy that bears his name.

The golfer on the lid is supposedly Abe Mitchell, a professional golfer who was Samuel Ryder's golf "tutor".

The match has been played every two years since the first contest in 1927, except for the war years when the 1939-1945 contests were not held. The only other time the sequence was broken was 2001, when security fears post-9/11 caused the event to be delayed by one year. It has continued since in even years rather than the original odd years.

And so to the question.

France is hosting the Ryder Cup for the first time in 2018, making it the seventh country to host it - can you name the other six?

In order of their first hosting:

USA in 1927

England in 1929

Scotland 1973

Spain 1997

Ireland 2006

Wales 2010


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