Tenants Quiz Puzzle Answer

A three-storey apartment block has just opened near Quiz Master Shop Towers, which has one flat on each floor.

The Joneses were the first to move in and picked the top-floor apartment, with the Smiths and the Browns in the other two.

The three couples get on well together. On his way down to go to work Ryan calls in on Jon and they walk to the station together. And each morning Cath goes up for a cup of coffee with Mrs Brown. Naomi is quite forgetful, and she often nips down to Debs' flat to borrow sugar.

In fact, the only complaint comes from Paul who feels the couples above and below rise a bit early which disturbs his sleep.

So what are the first names and surnames of the occupants of the three apartments?

Ryan and Naomi Jones are in the top flat, Debs and Paul Brown are in the middle and Jon and Cath Smith occupy the ground floor apartment.


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