Triplets Quiz Puzzle

Near Quiz Master Shop Towers lives a family with three daughters who are identical triplets. The girls are called Faith, Hope and Charity, and here's the strange thing about them: Faith always tells the truth; Hope always lies; and Charity sometimes tells the truth and sometimes lies.

One day they came to visit and they sat in a neat line in three chairs while we talked. Being curious people here at Quiz Master Shop Towers (in both senses of the word curious), we wanted to know which girl was which. So we asked them each a question.

We asked the girl on the left "Who is sitting in the middle?" and she replied "Faith".

Then we asked the girl in the middle "Who are you?" and she replied "Charity".

Finally we asked the girl on the right "Who is sitting in the middle?" and she replied "Hope".

We had asked all three girls the name of the girl in the middle, and received three different answers.

So who was sitting where?

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Answer at 9.00 on Monday


  • Quiz Master Shop

    That might be right – what is your reasoning

  • Elizabeth Jones

    Charity is on the left, Hope is in the middle and Faith is on the right. Am I right?

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