USA States Word Chain Quiz Puzzle

To while away our isolation in Quiz Master Shop Towers we've been playing an interesting game.

The first player writes down the name of one of the states of the USA. The second player must either prefix that state name with a different state name that ends with the first letter of the original state name, or must append a different state name that starts with the last letter of the original state name.

For example, if the first player writes down Nevada, the second player can prefix Wisconsin or append Alaska, for instance.

Play continues around all the players, prefixing or appending to the chain at either end, until one player can't think of a state, and they are then eliminated. The next person to have played now starts a new chain, and play continues until only one player is left in - the winner.

No state can be used more than once in a single game.

If you are first to play in a three-player game, how do you play to ensure you win? Assume that the other players play logically and don't collude against you.

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